Middlebury, Indiana

Fiber is currently under construction in Middlebury Indiana, and you’ve no doubt seen our trucks and construction crews hard at work. Surf Broadband is working on plans to increase the fiber availability in Middlebury and any interest can be given by clicking sign up below.

451 Middlebury – CR10

  • Design: Completed
  • Permitting: In Process
  • Install Conduit: Projected Jan 2021
  • Install Fiber:
  • Services Ready for Customers: Pending projected completion date.

355 Middlebury – CR35

  • Design: Completed
  • Permitting: Completed
  • Install Conduit: Completed
  • Install Fiber: Completed
  • Services Ready for Customers: Ready for Customers!

A number of Construction Projects have been completed, or are build on demand areas.  Click on the map areas to see the status.

We are in the process of updating how we display our maps and expect to have the new map completed by 6-9-2021. Thank you for your patience.